Our focus is always on quality products with exceptional services and supporting small orders with individual support.  Our interest is on developing unique ideas and concepts, exploring new opportunities and expanding new horizons.  Our emphasis as always is focused on quality, the unusual and working with interesting artwork.


Our CO2 laser engraving equipment allows us to work with wood, leather and other media to create our own product designs or to enhance quality timber gift lines.  We can cut shapes and designs in timber,  acrylics and other media to enable us to create special purpose boxes, key rings and LED laser Lights to name a few of our specialised products.  We also use the laser engraver to transfer designs and text to a number of products.


If you purchase an item such as a Timber Cheese Board, we may be able to laser engrave a small message or the name of a person onto the product providing a level of personalisation to make a gift line more meaningful. This process is dependent on the timber selection and product design and we can advise you on request.  Once the artwork and personalisation has been confirmed, we will be able to provide a quote for the work.


If you have a special design or request relating to one of our products, we may be able to look at the possibility of customising a product to your specifications.  We reserve the right to consider the viability and suitability of the proposed design, and will advise you accordingly.  Once a customised design has been confirmed, we will be able to provide a quote for the work.


In addition to DVDs which have been created by us to present a number of different artistic and diverse presentations, we can also use photographs supplied by our clients to create DVD Presentations specifically for them.


For example, special occasions can include weddings, birthdays and holidays and other important events.  The finished DVDs are great to sent to family and friends especially those that were not able to be present at the special occasion.


For pet lovers, DVD presentations are a great way to gather those special memories of well-loved dogs, cats, birds, ponies and other wonderful four legged friends.


Other ideas for DVD media can include small promotional presentations for clubs or other parties, to develop ideas to share on a small but professional scale.


Beauty in all things

Inspiration everywhere

Enjoy being Unique

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